Ask Darkrai!
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Good evening dreamers. It appears I’ve found something that I feel must be posted. Something I apparently made during the last new moon. I would like to once again thank those who helped keep me from causing any damage on that night. This is of course from my “Nightmare.” 


Hello…I must first congratulate you on your devious distraction. As clever as it was, it wasn’t all that surprsing. After all, we’re the same person aren’t we? Hahaha. 

To all of you…morsels out there who helped, I can’t say that I’m all that angry. I missed a night of feasting, but I’ll have another one and I’ll just…work a little harder. I hope you don’t mind. Hahaha. I actually enjoyed answering those questions. It’s nice to share my…work sometimes. Helps…spread the fear, generate more nightmares. So please, continue to ask me questions. What’s that? You don’t want to spread the fear? Well maybe you won’t maybe while answering these questions it’ll delay my work. Spare more people. It’s up to you really. I’ll always be available to answer questions. I’m not going anywhere. 

Oh yes, and before I forget. Cresselia the last few times I’ve been out and about I’ve noticed your gait has been a little… sluggish. Perhaps you should…lay off the berries? Maybe then you might be able to catch me one of these nights. HAHAHAHAHA. I look forward to seeing everyone on the next new moon.

Remember to ask me questions…or not. Hahaha.


Well you heard him. Please everyone, don’t be afraid to ask him questions from now on. Make sure to specify if it’s to me or Nightmare so I can be sure to put them aside for him. 

And Cresselia, I’m sorry.